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Spray Booth Filters

Glass Fibre + Synthetic Filter Pads For use as a Paint Arrestor, Mist Seperation and General Air Filtration
Andrae Filter STANDARD 30 years of experience in paint overspray filtration
The Andreae STANDARD filter is made of two pleatedand perforated cardboard walls glued by their edges.The result of this unique design engineerd by Andrae is the best disposable filter using the inertia separation principle.

The inertia separation principle of the Andrae STANDARD filter is the key to capturing the overspray of paint,glue,resin,fibre-glass or any other airborne liquid particle,effieciently.

The unique collapsible pleated design of the Andrae STABDARD filter saves money on the transport and storage costs.10m2 of usable filter will fit into a 0.6m2 box.

The paint particles are captured and retained outside the airstream in the holding pockets.Due

to this separation the static pressure remains constant and the Andrae STANDARD filters lasts 3 to 5 times longer than fibre-glass
Technical Data And Performances Performances
Paint type
Filtration efficiency(%) Holding capacity(kg)
High solids
97.0-98.1 14-18
Bake enamel
93.0-94.5 6-11
Fast dry enamel
96.0-96.9 3-4
Two components epaxy
91.0-93.5 5-8
Technical Data
Recommended air velocity
0.5-1.0 m/s
High solids Pressure drop at 0.75 m/s
30 Pa
Maximum recommended pressure drop
130 Pa
Temrature resistence
180 0 C
Brown or White
Recommended number of pleats
26 per meter
Storage Reduced Bulk: A 10m2 filter fits into a 0.6m2 box
Sizes & Weights
Filter Box Pleats weight
H 100*L 1038 cm= 10m2 0.5-1.0 m/s 101*60*7cm 270 12,6kg
H 90*L 1115 cm= 10m2 30 Pa 91*65*7cm 290 12,6kg
H 75*L 1346 cm= 10m2 130 Pa 76*80*7cm 350 12,6kg
H 90*L 924cm= 10sqyd 180 0 C 94*57*7cm 240 10,5kg
Pallet Filter Bundles m2 weight
101*125*190 50 10 500 650kg
91*135*190 50 10 500 650kg
76*160*190 50 10 500 650kg
91*110*225 60 10 500 650kg


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