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Airless and Air Assisted Tips



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Flat tip. Contractor grade.
63-505/30 Flat tip. Industrial grade. Stainless body.
63-509/35 Flat tip. Superfine finishing.
63-507/4 Line Marking tip Flat tip type body
63-510/0 Insert tip Blastaway(TM)
63/515/0 Insert tip. Turnaflo(TM)

A wide range of orifice and angle options are available from 7 - 61 thou, please specify.
Refer to the matrix for current range. Click here to view the matrix.
Pre-Orifice Discs
Reference Colour Code
63-003/0 Pre Orifice 0.012" White
63-004/0 Pre Orifice 0.016" Yellow
63-005/0 Pre Orifice 0.019" Red
63-007/0 Pre Orifice 0.026" Blue
63-010/0 Pre Orifice 0.039" Black
63-070/0 Mix air Pre Orifice

All airless and air assist tips listed are genuine ExitFlex products.
A wide selection of EXITFLEX Air Assisted Airless tips are available to fit guns from various manufacturers.
Air Assisted Airless Tips
63-552/30 Mixair tip AK (Kremlin pattern) Groove type
63-550/11 Mixair tip AK (Kremlin pattern) Pin type
36-600-K10 Micro Tip Filter 100 mesh for AK tips (pack 10)
63-555/11 Mixair tip AL (Larius pattern) Pin type
63-555/30 Mixair tip AL (Larius pattern) Groove type
63-560/15 Mixair tip AG (Graco pattern)
63-562/19 Seal AG Tip
63-565/30 Mixair Tip AB (Binks pattern) Vantage™
Mixair Tip
AS (Sagola pattern) Speeflo™
63-554/18 'O' Ring PTFE 3.5 x 2 AK, AL
63-573/18 'O' Ring PTFE seal AS tips
63-580/19 Mixair Tip RE Black plastic
163-582 Seal RE Pattern Tip Black plastic
63-597/1 Mixair Tip AW (Wagner B pattern) Black plastic
63-598-L Mixair Tip AO (Opco Böllhoff Pattern) 15mm
63-598-S Mixair Tip AD (DeVilbiss Optima) 9.5mm
83-015 TRI-A Ball tip TRI-A
63-610/30 Mixair Tip DT (Dete pattern)

When confirming availability please specify orifice and angle.
Select orifice and angle from the matrix. Click here to view the matrix.


Little Pro 540
WIWA Profit
WIWA Phoenix
WIWA Magnum
Little Pro 400
Airlessco SL 1100
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