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AR 300 Turbine

The ARISTOSPRAY 1R-300 Turbine is a heavy duty, very portable 3-stage turbine system. through advanced technology & sheer robust design, this machine is built to last & able to tackle the toughest of applications. Supplied with a premium HVLP spray gun, this system sets 'THE STANDARD' for professionals who demand the highest quality finish, speed & effiency effecting saving of up to 40%. With no need for a compressor, the ARISTOSPRAY turbine system can be used virtually anywhere there is an electrical supply.
Quality assurance
The name ARISTOSPRAY has always meant reliability & is supported by over 25 years of experience & by customer satisfaction. With sales to many countries worldwide, Aristospray has designed & manufactured turbines to the highest standards & is committed to building a reputation for tough, reliable & powerful machines. All Aristospray turbines are electrically tested & carry full CE certification.
Spray Gun And Applications
The Accuspray HVLP spray gun is only gun designed from the inside out for low pressure applications. large, sweeping air passages eliminate air turbulence for the complete atomisation of water-borne or solvent-borne coatings. With exceptional finish quality, the Accuracy HVLP spray gun is the only turbine gun on the market with a full adjustable fan control fan control from 1/2''-12'' and promises a tighter, cleaner spray pattern with far less overspray. Ergonomically designed for superior handling and extremely light weight. The Aristospray turbine gives the perfect performance for all types of applications; Enamels, Lacquers, Stains, Polyurethanes, Cellulose Acrylics, Oil based and water-borne coatings, undercoats and gloss etc.
Technical Specifications
3 Stage
Supply Voltage
230 Volts
110 Volts
6.5 A
13.5 A
1500 W
1500 W
Amount of air delivered
96 cffm
96 cfm
7 psi / 0.5 bar
7 psi / 0.5 bar
Operating Temprature from
-10 0C to 40 0C
Air Hose
8 m
300 * 220 * 310 mm
8 Kg
Aristospray Benefits
  • Very Low Maintenance
  • Savings Of Upto 40%
  • 110V & 220V Versions
  • Very Lightweight
  • Easy To Use
  • Can Be Used Anywhere There Is Electrical Supply


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